Valerian roots? What are they? Why add in natural sleeping pills?

Do you spend sleepless nights staring at the ceiling? Have you become dependent on prescribed sleeping pills? Then you have come to the right page, my friend. It is introducing to you natural sleep aids known as herbal sleep remedies. They combine roots of valerian with melatonin that induces sleep naturally. But before you grab one of [...]

5-HTP – when added in a sleeping pill – can help cure sleep deprivation

Have you been taking prescription sleeping pills continuously? Are you unable to sleep well at night? Or is it hard for you to fall asleep? You will feel severely deprived of sleep, irrespective of the reason. Sleep deprivation is common among most adults. While synthetic sleeping pills are the most trusted friend of people suffering from [...]

Strongest over the counter sleeping pills – from Dr Backhaus

Dr. Lisa Shives, M.D., a sleep specialist in Evanston, Illinois states that 69% of the respondents to strongest over the counter sleeping pills had a positive review. This is because all these are natural and work as a sleep initiator unlike other prescribed sleep aids, which make your nerve go weak before making you fall [...]