The Sleeping Pill – FAQ’ s of Insomnia Patients – Dr Backhaus

Have you ever heard of a sleeping pill made of natural ingredients like Valeria roots and Passion Flower extracts? Extensive research on sleeping pills shows that it is better to rely on these natural constituents rather than depending on chemical pills. It is because chemical pills make you weak and deprive you of hunger.

A sleeping pill is vested with the responsibility to put you to sleep and make you work for longer hours without delay or dizziness. Patients suffering from insomnia tend to depend on these harmful chemicals for sleep. One of the reasons for this is that their therapists do not inform them of these natural pills. There are many common questions that insomniacs have.

This article intends to answer them and throw light on the benefits of using natural sleeping pills.

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Common FAQs potential insomnia patients face:

Does your sleeping pill aid in sleeping at all?

After a tiring day, you need sleep but often that is not possible. Over stressing and mental tension might inhibit your sleeping habits. Therefore you consider switching to sleeping aids available over the counter. But these pills take a toll on your nerve functions and often end up harming them.

Patients may end up being ruthless to people they interact with and instability based syndromes crop up. Resultantly, you start depending on these chemicals and experience headache for the entire day. Occasional cases of vomiting or fatigue engross you and you feel like resorting to these chemicals again.

Is your sleeping pill addictive?

80% of the population tends to depend on chemical based sleeping pills to get sound sleep. Over time, the rate of intake of these pills rise and in no time, you cannot get rid of them. Like smoking, you feel like depending on these for artificially putting you to sleep. Cases of overdependence are many and prolonged usage of these chemical pills results in stomach ulcers and is even carcinogenic.

Can you get rid of chemical pills immediately?

Like any other addictions, it is hard but not impossible to get rid of chemical-based sleeping pill. Patients often opine that some sleeping drugs cause allergic reactions and they develop rashes on the skin. You may lose your normal risk taking attitude and acute depression may occur. But whatever be the effects, you cannot help taking these medicines on a regular basis.

Chemicals like hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and polyethylene glycol are deadly, but the chances are high that you still consider taking them. Even then, once you make yourself firm enough to leave them, consider switching to natural addiction free sleeping pill for safe sound sleep with zero side-effects.

Substitutes of GABA based sleeping pill

Owing to the adverse effects of harmful sleeping aids, it’s better to take natural sleeping pills. To start with, you may try taking lesser stress and taking occasional power naps during the day. If withdrawal symptoms arise and drug tolerance levels exceed, give chamomile and Valeria roots a chance to help you out. Often patients take alcohol with Zolpidem and GABA based drugs.

Sleep therapists strongly condemn this and instead recommend taking substance free sleeping pill for better results.

Are natural pills safe and how to get them?

An overdose of chemical pills might even near you towards your death in the not-too-distant long run. Natural ingredients based pills are safer and do not take a toll on your health. They soothe your brain and ensure smoother blood flow. Melatonin helps in maintain regular sleep cycles while lemon balm calms your brain.

If you or your acquaintances suffer from evil effects of insomnia and even more from usage of chemical pills, stop them immediately. Early precautionary measures are easier to opt for than curing once harmful effects crop up. Introduce them to natural sleeping pill from Dr. Backhaus and help them sleep like a child.

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