Sleep – 11 Surprising Facts That You Must Know From Dr Backhaus

How is sleep so significant in people’s life? To be honest, it is unexplainable how important it is to have a proper sleeping habit to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. There are some stunning facts that revolve around snoozing and how it affects you.

11 interesting facts about sleep

70% of body healing happens while you are asleep

You will often notice that doctors suggest to you natural sleeping pills if you had any operation or injury. While you are asleep, your cells in the body can rejuvenate and heal at a much faster rate.

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If you fall asleep within 5 minutes then your body is suffering from sleep-deprivation

You think falling asleep is a good thing? According to experts, it is not! Usually, a healthy body takes at least 15 to 20 minutes to fall asleep. If this happens within 5 minutes, then you are overtired.

Siesta is a sign of boredom

Surprised? You feel it is quite normal, but it may be not. Sleeping in the daytime can be a sign that you don’t have anything better to do; hence, you should indulge in some activity.

**If you are doing this once in a while then it is fine.

Insomnia is the second most widespread disease

After obesity, insomnia is what that takes a toll on people. With age, responsibility increases and your daily physical activities reduce. This is how you start suffering from stress, and then insomnia overpowers you. Later, it will be anxiety and depression crawling over your mind.

26% of people have issues in sex life due to sleep deprivation

This data is from National Sleep Foundation, and the problem is mostly prominent in men. When your body is not getting enough rest, the testosterone level drops, and the rest you know if you are man who is often too tired!

Lack of sleep = Weight Gain

Leptin – This hormone that plays a major role in controlling body weight. If you are not getting enough rest at night, the first thing is you start feeling hungry and much on some high-calorie food that can easily get you fat. In short, sleeping is as important as diet and exercising.

Snoring is a result of sleep-deprivation

Out of 90 million adult Americans, 37million have a snoring problem. This means not only you are sleep-deprived, but also it might signal to certain health issues.

People are capable of catnap!

Wonder what it is? The human body is capable of sleeping for 5 to 7 minutes with their eyes open and maintaining balance. Only a doctor can say at that time if a person is asleep or awake.

Sleeplessness can be a sign for Dysnasia

Dysnasia is when you face difficulty in getting up from bed in the morning. The simple reason for this condition is body fatigue.

15% of people with chronic insomnia are sleepwalkers

As per National Sleep Foundation, people suffering from chronic insomnia, their mind does not realize that they are sleeping and that’s how they get into sleep walking.

It is always better to choose natural sleeping aid over chemical pills

It can be meditation, therapy, natural sleeping pills, yoga, etc. but a natural way to sleep is best. It saves you from getting accustomed to chemical tranquilizers and sedatives.

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