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Are you on medication prescribed by your doctor to help you get over your day prolonged tiredness by a sound sleep? Most of the sleep aids made by drug manufacturers to help you sleep are made from chemicals. Chemical based sleep medications assist you in sleep but at the cost of leaning towards an overall degradation in your health. But what can you do to help yourself sleep peacefully and retaining your health? The answer lies in the fact that natural sleep aids are always preferred when it comes to curing insomnia.

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The chemical way

Say for example, even though you are tired, you just cannot sleep. You try meditating and calming yourself down, but that hardly helps. So the next step is for you to visit your family doctor who prescribes you a host of sleep medications in the form of tablets and syrups. Most of these sleep remedies loosen your nerves and just like anesthetics, you drool and in moments you are asleep. But once you get up from sleep, you don’t feel like working.

You feel lazy, your muscles ache and you feel like getting up from a lousy hangover. Your head feels heavy and you are not hungry. The chances are high that you spend the whole day in fatigue. Next night, you feel like taking another sleeping pill and the process iterates every night. You gradually get intoxicated with the idea of induced sleep by over the counter sleep medications. Not only is it detrimental to your health, but it also lessens the power of hormones. Digestive and respiratory disorders can also occur.

Chronic insomnia can take a toll on your health. ‘Way out’ you ask? Switch to natural medications. Natural sleep remedies are made from herbal extracts like basil leaf and chamomile. Remember when you do not sleep, you lose your patience and there are times when you lose your nerves.

Potential risks of consuming prescription sleeping pills over natural sleep medications

Owing to their desperate need to get some peaceful sleep, most people tend to speak to their medical expert and cater to prescribed sleeping pills. Keeping a blind eye to prescription sleep aids, they don’t measure the potential risks these pills can have after a certain amount of consumption.

Most sleep experts opine that prescription sleeping medications hold some sort of side effects. The degree of effect depends on the type of drug, the dosage of consumption and the longevity of usage.

Some of the common side-effects which you can experience are namely –

  • Dizziness
  • Muscle aches
  • Dry Mouth
  • Constipation
  • Problems in concentrating
  • Unsteadiness and
  • Rebounding of Insomnia, etc.

Furthermore, there are other complications which you can potentially experience on consuming prescription sleeping pills. Here’s discussing a few of them.

  1. Dependency towards the drug –

If you consume sleep aids over a prolonged period of time, then, chances are high that you will develop a dependency towards it. This eventually turns into an addiction where you cannot sleep without consuming these pills. You keep on taking them every night and thus, reach a point when you find it difficult to get over it.

  1. Tolerance to these prescription sleep aids –

It is also seen that over a particular span of time, you tend to develop a tolerance to these sleeping pills. You simply consume more of them to actually feel its effects and that leads to long term repercussions.

  1. Possibility of interacting with other medicines –

Another possible side effect of consuming prescription sleeping pills is its interaction with other medicines. This is more so if you are already consuming a particular pain killer or sedative.

  1. Withdrawal symptoms –

Now, this is commonly seen in people who are overly dependent on sleeping drugs or pills for their peaceful snooze. On stopping abruptly, you might experience some withdrawal symptoms namely shivering, unexplainable sweating and also effects of nausea.

5 reasons to switch to herbal sleep medications for your own good

  1. Feel refreshed

Unlike chemical sleep inducers, herbal sleep aids do what they promise. Let you sleep for at least 8 hours without any break. After you get up, you feel refreshed all throughout the day. There are no lags or feelings of fatigue.

Moreover with consumption of natural sleeping aids, you can rest assured that there won’t be any sort of morning drowsiness or headache. Simply put, your body will be in optimal functioning level and tasks which prove difficult in most days will seem easy and hassle free.

  1. Improve your appetite

Over the counter sleeping pills affects your hunger and other natural processes. You prefer skipping your meals and that takes a toll on your health. Herbal medicines, on the other hand, increase your appetite. In fact, one of the requisites of making good use of these medicines is that you need a staple diet.

Health experts always suggest that just relying heavily on natural sleeping pills to improve sleep is not good enough. One needs to complement the consumption of these sleep medications with specific food components. Here’s what you need to include in your routinely diet:

Lettuce salad for dinner – Experts suggest that lettuce leaves contain lactucarium which creates a slight sedation to your brain. Furthermore, it also includes many other properties which make it one adequate food component to include in your regular diet.

Crackers and cheese – With consumption of cheese, you are boosting up your calcium quotient which, in turn, aids in regulating better muscle movements.

Spinach, mustard green and other leafy vegetables – Including green vegetables come packed with calcium, vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. This helps strengthen the muscles and also ensures adequate blood production.

  1. Get rid of lags which hinder your sleep

Herbal sleep medications contain naturally occurring chamomile and melatonin that acts as antioxidants and eases sleep disorders. Suppose you are suffering from temporary jet lag and mild insomniac phase. These best sleeping pills will help you get proper sound sleep even irrespective of the level of your tiredness.

  1. Zero side effects

Over the counter sleep inducers might interfere with your already dose of medications. Most of the chemicals react with each other and you are at a loss. Herbal medications have no side effects of any kind provided they are taken habitually.

Plus, there are no withdrawal symptoms and allergic reactions such as facial swelling, memory lapses, suicidal thoughts, sleep eating in the middle of the night (with no memory of the same) and severe hallucinations.

  1. Smoother body functions

Herbal medications ensure a smoother flow of blood throughout your body and this helps in smoother digestive and excretory functions.

So why depend on over the counter chemicals to sleep when you herbal sleep medications help you do the same with no problems whatsoever. Constant research is on trying new and possible ways to cure or lessen insomnia with natural medications. So get rid of your prescribed sleep medicines and try otc sleep aids  for a change. Settle for the best in segment herbal sleep medications and sleep like a child.

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