Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 90 Day Supply

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Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 90 Day Supply. Maximum dosage – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night. Price: $86.99. In Stock. Registered Shipping. Pay via Paypal or Visa, Matercard, Diner or Amex.


Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 90 Day Supply

Maximum – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night.

Price: $89.99 less 20% discount $71.99

19 reviews for Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 90 Day Supply

  1. Hilary (verified owner)

    I was pretty sceptical before ordering as I was used to taking prescription sleeping pills. My doctor took me off those and recommended this brand. The good news is that they are as effective as prescription sleeping pills and I do actually wake up with no “hangover”.

  2. Louis Russell

    I took as instructed and slept well and woke up feeling energetic, I will recommend this sleeping aid to my family and friends.

  3. Christina Mendez

    Simply the best, I suffered for many year with sleeping pattern, long unsociable working hours has left me weak and bad tempered, Dr Backhuas is truly amazing and given me life back.

  4. Dave Mackie

    I will recommend this product, after struggling to sleep for many years over this time I have tried many herbal sleeping products and none really worked for me, but Dr Backhaus is a true champion and I score it 10 / 10 I am a new person with my sleeping routine back I feel fully energized and ready for anything.

  5. Ann Lewolski

    This is an amazing sleep aid. It works and you do wake up ready to face work the next day.

  6. Kim Bailey

    Very simply put this Dr Backhaus product is the best sleep aid on the market. Not only is that from me but 5 of my neighbours in Dublin as well.

  7. Jack Dicks

    I am happy, I can confirm that it works and gives you a good nights sleep without any withdrawal symptoms the following day or over a period of time, I have now been using Dr Backhaus for a while and I love it, delivery is very professional and on time

  8. Patricia Leon

    Thank you for helping me get me life back, my sleeping pattern is now normal, no more insomnia and feeling fantastic works perfect

  9. Carol Hankey

    I toss and turn all night and wake up feeling tired and bad tempered, now I sleep well and wake feeling happy.

  10. Simon Davies

    Since my divorce I have suffered from sleepless nights, by chance I found Dr Backhaus natural sleeping aid, so I placed my order which arrived by courier with full tracking and was professionally packed, I was suspicious if it would work at first, and yes it works well sending me in to a relax mode and then in to a deep sleep pattern and I woke up feeling very good about myself.

  11. Jeremy Byers

    I have tried most of the natural sleeping pills on the market and none have really worked. I suffer from osteoarthritis and find it very difficult to sleep at night. These Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills give me an extended sleep – which I never had previously. A great big thank you from Portland, Oregon to Dr Backhaus.

  12. Antonio Manual

    I have had problems for long time with my sleep, recently I went three days without sleep, I was stressed and worried, I took Dr Backhaus, and WOW, I am so happy and sleeping normally

  13. Wendy Anne Harper

    These sleeping pills are very strong. I took 2 capsules the first night and I think it was too much for me. I now use just one capsule at night and I sleep like a log.

  14. Mick Holt

    I have had insomnia for years now, and Dr Backhaus allows me to sleep most of the night so I am able to function the next day without making mistakes in my daily life, I will be reordering for the third time

  15. Alberto Tomba

    A good nights sleep, this is essential and this product gives it, great delivery and value.

  16. Jenny Suzch

    I have suffered for may years with sleeping issues, this product helps me have a structure in my life and allows me to have the perfect sleeping pattern

  17. Lesley (verified owner)

    Dr Backhaus works for me, my job changes from nights to days and I had trouble sleeping, I did not want to go down the route of prescription pills like some of my work colleagues who now require them all the time so I looked for a herbal alternative and this is it, perfect.

  18. Julie Dempster

    I have suffered from insomnia for over 20 years and have spent 1,000’s on all types of sleep aids. I put this Dr Backhaus sleep aid up there with the best. In my top 3.

  19. Emanuale Jay

    A great sleep medication that is natural and strong, the natural herbal element is important to me, Thank You !

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