Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 30 Day Supply

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Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 30 Day Supply. Maximum dosage – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night. Price: $29.99. In Stock. Registered Shipping. Pay via Paypal or Visa, Matercard, Diner or Amex.


Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 30 Day Supply

Maximum – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night.

Price: $29.99 less 10% discount $26.99

25 reviews for Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 30 Day Supply

  1. AdminRoger Wilkinson (verified owner)

    I would recommend this product. It works!!!

  2. Stephen McCardle

    Top Class, I will reorder, great delivery I even received a text from the courier to say when it would arrive and I slept like a baby

  3. David Wilcox

    Helped my insomnia it sends me in to very relax mode where I can unwind and feel total free of my worries and then I fall to sleep, I recommend Dr Backhaus

  4. Edwardo Costa

    A top class sleeping aid, the whole process from ordering to receiving the item was effortless and professional, yes it works very well.

  5. Antonio Cala

    Very Good indeed, I have five children and a very demanding job, sleeping can be a struggle, this send me in to relaxed mode and then a deep sleep and in the morning I am ready again with plenty of energy.

  6. Mi Kawabuchi

    I work as air crew and my friend told me about Dr Backhaus and said lots of air crew take them as in the morning you are wide awake and ready for work, so I bought some and it did just that, sent me to sleep and woke up feeling great.

  7. Leifur Henne

    Wow, I slept like a baby, I took two tablets as recommended and slept the whole, we have light nights where I live and it can be hard to sleep, also delivery to very northern Europe was brilliant

  8. Alison Taylor

    Helped me no ends with my sleeping problem, am now having a full nights sleep without waking up.

  9. Agrican Cantin

    A very good sleeping tablet, good courier delivery and packaging, I took two tablets and went straight to sleep, I slept the whole night and in the morning was fully refreshed.

  10. Karen Nield (verified owner)

    As a single mom my life is hectic bring up 3 teenagers along with a full time job. My window for sleep is only 6 hours so I need to get to sleep quickly.

    I have been taking these Dr Backhaus sleeping pills for over 1 month now and they help me a lot. Ask my kids 🙂

  11. Shirley Thomas (verified owner)

    These are very good sleeping pills that work very well and send you to sleep and leave waking feeling fresh and alive, good delivery service

  12. Juan Pacos (verified owner)

    I had the best sleep ever with Dr Backhaus sleeping aid, I was stressed and worn out, now I can sleep and feel good the following day.

  13. David Granger

    Excellent, I recommend this product

  14. Jeanette (verified owner)

    Wicked! Great product. These are the best sleep aids on the market.

  15. Kim Pacos (verified owner)

    I started having sleeping problems at university and since then have tried many treatments, then I was recommended Dr Backhaus, since then I have enjoyed many a good nights sleep and in the morning I am full of energy. Great product.

  16. Catherine Metz

    Sent me in to a doze and then a deep sleep, I woke in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for work, I will be ordering again and overall a great service

  17. Linda Hamilton

    Thank You, a great service with customer support and delivery, and I slept well.

  18. Beth McGinley

    Great product and delivery 10 / 10 courier with full tracking and text updates, I will defiantly re-order Thanks

  19. Sarah (verified owner)

    Best sleep aid I have used, I have been using this for over 6 months now and my I have my life back Thank You !

  20. Jeanette Squires;

    I’ve been taking the Luna brad on Amazon for over a year and a colleague at work told me about these Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills. They are better than Luna, it must be the extra ingredients they add.

  21. Mary Jullien

    It works, that is good enough for me 🙂

  22. Deborah Kenyon (verified owner)

    These sleeping tablets take a few days to kick in properly but after that they are working a treat. I am going to place 2 big orders for these as I live in Australia and it will make shipping more economical.

  23. Liam (verified owner)

    Excellent, helps me with my sleeping issues

  24. Suzzie Scott

    I am impressed, yes it worked took a days of taking the pill, but after a few days I was having a good nights sleep.

  25. Simon Bird

    My mother bought some and I tried them, she was saying how good they are, and yes they are very good, they do just what they say they will do, which is send you to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.

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