Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 120 Day Supply

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Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 120 Day Supply.

Maximum dosage – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night.

Price: $119.99 less 22% discount $92.99. Worldwide Shipping.


Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 120 Day Supply

Maximum – 2 x Vegan Capsules per Night.

Price: $119.99 less 22% discount $92.99

15 reviews for Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills x 120 Day Supply

  1. Sara Chehade

    I have tried this now for 4 continuous nights and can say these are the best sleeping pills ever.

  2. John (verified owner)

    A friend of mine recommend this product to me as there was no side effects and it did not leave you with a bad breath the following day like most chemical products. It works well for me. Good delivery with full tracking.

  3. David

    Helped me get in to sleep mode, I dozed of and was flat out and woke refreshed, for an over the counter product it works !

  4. Tom Brady

    I took Dr Backhaus last night fir the first time and fell in to a deep, I awoke feeling full of energy.

  5. Neil Manilow

    This natural herbal sleeping product, has given me a normal sleeping routine which I lacked for many years, so Thank You for helping me with my sleeping problem in a natural manner.

  6. Tom Wilson

    I am very impressed, I have read about Melatonin and how it works, but this formulation by Dr Backhaus works for me and the following morning I have no side effects

  7. Andre De Barr

    A very happy customer, overall from ordering to receiving the item and then the results 10/10 very professional

  8. Judith Sexton

    I would not have believed it until I tried this sleeping pill. After 30-60 minutes of taking – your eyes feel tired and heavy and you want to close them. Astonishing!

  9. Line Hedlund

    Excellent sleeping pills, worked great for me, good delivery and packaging. Thanks

  10. Lewis Carroll

    Thank You for your super service and sleeping tablets, delivered on time and I slept so well after a long time.

  11. David Holden

    This is my third order, and it has help me cure my Insomnia, two tablets before I go bed and I sleep the whole night and the next day I am ready to look after my kids.

  12. Robin Reid (verified owner)

    This Melatonin sleeping aid works and has the ingredients balance sent me to sleep straight away and I now sleep well every night.

  13. Javier Lopez

    I took for the first time and had the best nights sleep, I have since reordered and very happy with the results and service.

  14. Sam Brown

    A good friend recommended Dr Backhaus to me, they have been using them for while, I actually borrowed a few of my friends before hand to try them out, so I can honestly say, they work and make you sleep

  15. Stephanie Prowel

    Thank you for the fast delivery, good packaging and a splendid sleeping pill that helps me sleep better,

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