OTC Sleep Aids – Get Back to a Good Nights Sleep With Dr Backhaus

Do you spend sleepless nights staring at the ceiling? Have morning drowsiness and hangover become your new best friends? Then in all probabilities, you are a victim of insomnia. It is a severe medical condition which happens due to the deficit of melatonin and numerous reasons are responsible for this ailment. These may include poor sleeping habits, emotional stress, and physical workload. However, one can get rid of such health complications using natural otc sleep aids.

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What are natural sleep aids?

A over the counter sleep aid has sleep inducing agents that enable a person to get a sound sleep of 6-8 hours. They make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. Unlike prescribed medical drugs herbal sleep aids do not cause hangover or drowsiness. Moreover, they do not have the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

Why otc sleep aids?

Before buying, it is important to take a look at the benefits provided by the best sleeping pills:-

  1. Ingredients:-

The essential components of natural sleeping pills include Valerian roots and melatonin. Roots of valeria are known as natural sleep-inducing agents. In other words, they help a person to fall asleep faster.  They are mixed with lemon balm extracts to produce the desired sleep inducing effects.

Melatonin is the natural sleep-inducing hormone produced by the pineal gland of the human body. It is also known as darkness detector and starts secreting once the sun goes down. The increase in melatonin levels causes a person to fall asleep. Deficiency of this hormone causes insomnia. Herbal otc sleep aids use these ingredients in its products to provide you with a natural and sound sleep.

  1. No addiction:-

Users of prescribed drugs are often heard saying that their sleeping tablets do not work anymore. As a result, they tend to use a higher dose of that medication. This is known as addiction. Since prescribed medication consists of unknown chemicals, the human body slowly develops a resistance against them; thus, the requirement of a higher dose.

The best otc sleep aid, on the other hand, uses natural ingredients such as melatonin. Therefore, it makes up for the deficiency in the body and promotes sleep naturally.

  1. Eliminates side effects:-

Prescribed medications do have side effects. A person using sleeping drugs often fall victim to the hangover or drowsy effect. It causes micro sleep during daytime which can be very dangerous especially while driving.

Since natural sleep remedies do not use any chemicals, they do not produce the side effects of prescribed drugs. Moreover, herbal otc sleep aids prevent a person from rebound insomnia. It is a critical situation which requires immediate medical attention.

A recent study

The Mayo Clinic once conducted a study on the benefits of natural otc sleep aids over their prescribed counterparts. 67% of the participants consuming natural sleep aids reported an improvement in their sleep duration’s. On the other hand, almost 58% of prescribed drug users reported having morning drowsiness and hangover.

Moreover, with prolonged use, you need to increase doses of the prescribed drugs to have the same sleep benefits. On the other hand, some natural pill consumers said they did not require the otc sleeping pills anymore. This occurred as melatonin levels regained their normal concentrations in the body.

If you can relate to the above problems, then do not delay. Get hold of natural otc sleep aids from Dr. Backhaus and give yourself a sound good night sleep. These sleep remedies will rejuvenate lost melatonin levels in your body and bring back your normal sleep-wake cycle.

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