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By now, many of us know that otc sleep aids are better than synthetically produced drugs. They have proved to be one of the best natural remedies for sleep. As a result, they are slowly increasing in popularity and demand. Therefore, you as a chronic insomniac must be deciding to opt for these sleeping pills.

However, do not take any decision in a hurry. It is better to have a detailed study of the constituents and ingredients which comprise these natural sleep aids. To be precise, otc sleeping pills are made of natural products. These prevent humans from the adverse effects of prescribed drugs.

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The common ingredients present in most natural remedies for sleep are

  1. Valerian

Valerian roots are sedating herbs used to treat anxiety and insomnia. This decreases the time taken for a person to fall asleep. Roots of Valeria increase levels of GABA in the brain. One of the major advantages of valerian roots is that it is non-addictive and safe. It provides natural remedies for sleep when taken regularly for two or more weeks.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile has sleep inducing properties. Many people drink chamomile tea to make use of its sedating nature. Therefore one should use it in combination with valerian roots to provide natural remedies for sleep.

  1. Melatonin

The pineal gland of humans produces this hormone. It has a lasting effect of around 12 hours. It starts secretion after sunset and continues till sunrise. Lower levels of melatonin in the blood lead to insomnia or even sleep apnoea.

The use of sleep medications compensates for this deficit. It rejuvenates the melatonin level in human beings. In other words, it uses a natural chemical to cure a chronic case of insomnia.

  1. Kava

Kava has shown to have similar effects as Valerian and Chamomile. One of its uses is treating stress-induced insomnia. It helps to relax the nerves during sleep. As a result, it is considered to be one of the very effective natural remedies for sleep.

  1. Tryptophan

Tryptophan is an amino acid that aids in the formation of serotonin in human blood. Serotonin is responsible for commanding your body to fall asleep. It is quite similar to roots of valerian. L-Tryptophan – a by-product can help people to fall asleep much faster.

  1. Lemon balm

Extracts of lemon balm when combined with valerian roots and melatonin provides natural remedies for sleep. It serves as a useful tool in treating anxiety by calming down the nerves.

However, it is also recommended to consult your medical expert before consuming this over the counter sleep aid. Proper guidance in medical scenarios is always necessary for safe treatments.

Therefore, these natural sleeping pills provide the best natural remedies for sleep. Also, they also help in reducing anxiety as well calm your nerves. Moreover, a deep slumber lets your heart to be at rest. It pumps less blood and keeps BP levels under check. If you want to get hold of the best otc sleep aid, Dr Backhaus is here to provide you with reliability and the best sleeping pills on the market. Get hold of them and forget about your sleeping disorders.

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