Lemon balm promises you hours of a good night’s sleep

Typically belonging to the mint family, lemon balm has got sleep inducing properties. So just in case you are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis, you can take natural sleep aids made from this herbal plant. It helps reduce anxiety and stress. Stress is essentially an important reason for not getting enough sleep. It calms your mind from within and helps you sleep a full eight hours. It has that typical mint flavor which freshen your mouth and helps relief throat sores.

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Lemon balm plant

This grows all over the world from the Middle East to European countries. It is so freshening that it attracts bees and its extracts find application in preparing the medicine. Gardens that engage in growing this plant need to take proper care to raise this plant from its infant stage. It cannot grow too high or else the mint flavor fades. It resembles most Mediterranean based tropical shrubs, and its leaves smell lemons.

Common uses of lemon balm extract

One of the reasons why this plant has so much popularity these days is because it cures insomnia to some degrees. Apparently, insomnia is not completely curable, and it varies depending on stress taken and overall health conditions. Often used in combination with other natural elements like melatoninchamomile and hops, this plant works better for curing sleeping disorders.

Studies show that lemon balm has got exceptional sleep inducing properties that aid as an anti-inflammatory. When it combines with Melissa extract, it can elevate your sleeping hours.

Gastrointestinal: Extracts from this plant can cure mild gastric intestinal disorders, excessive acidity, and an unpleasant digestive system. Usage of lemon extract oil cures Ailments like rat ileum. The citric flavor is soothing and calms inflammation caused by a heavy diet.

Lemon balm can be prescribed to infants and babies to reduce pain in the stomach. The anti-oxidant properties in it work to give your child a good night’s sleep.

Other uses: Medical experts are of the opinion that this plant works well when combined with other natural components. It has got anti-bacterial properties and fights against Listeria. It decreases stress and helps calm your mind. Alzheimer’s sufferers can also get relief.

Lemon balm can also be used to soothe herpes. It was employed in German hospitals to cure HSV I in its primary stage. It also helps heal genital or oral inflammations.

Lemon balm supplements

Lemon balm is available in the form of extracted oils and is widely used in sleep medications. It also finds application in the homeopathic genre of medications which chiefly deal with naturally occurring elements induced medicines. Lemon balm tea is available in stores as dried leaf extracts.


Medicines containing lemon balm extracts are available in stores selling the best natural sleep aid. It’s dosage:

  • Adults can have lemon balm extract based medicines daily or when heavily needed. Additionally, they can apply its cream to cure external inflammations.
  • Drugs containing this can prove to be effective in curing common colds in children.

Lemon balm has got a host of medicinal properties, chiefly as a calming agent. The best sleep aid enriched in lemon balm is from Dr Backhaus and is highly rated as one of the best natural sleeping pills. They are 100% natural otc sleep aids do not interfere with your regular medicinal schedule.

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