L-Theanine – a sleep inducer – one compound, 10 benefits

L-Theanine – This non-dietary amino acid found in Camellia sinensis is a blessing for those who cannot sleep. It is certainly true. As a sleep inducer, this best natural sleep aid will aid you with so many health concerns that it is almost hard to believe.

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One compound, 10 benefits: L-Theanine

Know about the 10 amazing benefits that you will get from it –

  1. Relieve from anxiety

The major reason why people fail to sleep is anxiety. It literally snatches away sleep from you. In the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, medical experts saw an amazing result on people who are taking this compound. They suffered from at least 80% less anxiety and stress.

  1. Say bye to ADHD

Presently, ADHD is a problem arising from the severe stressful condition. But with the help of this blissful compound, you can now get rid of this hyperactivity issue.

  1. Enhance brain function

What do you expect from your brain when you are not getting enough sleep? It lowers in performance. This is why; you need L-Theanine that will help you sleep and rest your brain properly.

  1. Natural antioxidant

Imagine, not only you will have less anxiety and peaceful sleep but also a better liver cell functioning. I almost missed the glowing skin part! Yes, this also works as an anti-oxidant, and we all know how beneficial anti-oxidants are for the body.

  1. Boost your immunity

This improves and makes the activity of T-Cells better, which helps in preventing cancer. Along with that, it also helps to keep you from falling sick from allergic reactions.

  1. Now you can fight obesity

Sounds great? After sleeplessness, the second most spread health hazard is obesity. But with L-Theanine, now you can have access to shed those extra pounds which can cause harm to your body.

  1. Reduces caffeine effect

Another thing that affects the entire sleep cycle is caffeine. Too much of tea and coffee can change the sleeping process. But with this amino acid, the effect gets neutralized, and it gives your body a proper long sleep.

  1. Increase sleep quality

People suffering from sleeplessness also have really low sleeping quality. Even the slightest sound can wake them up. So, every time anyone is going to the washroom or even moving a bit on the bed, you tend to wake up! But, with this over the counter sleep aid; you will have a good proper sleep.

  1. Shield yourself from stomach ulcer

Yes, among so many, this is another great benefit. It produces prostaglandin E which acts as a stomach anti-oxidant and will help you to sleep properly.

  1. Let your heart beat safely

L-Theanine protects your heart and will benefit you a lot. It almost reduces 11% of heart attack syndrome and makes the blood flow better.

You can get all these benefits and also good sleep with natural sleep aids. All you need is to find the best one for you.

Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills has the exactly perfect amount of L-Theanine for you to stay healthy. You can easily get all of these from online sites and also get great offers as well as delivery to your door.

“Gift yourself some great dreams and a healthy life.”

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