Herbal sleeping tablets – all you need to know

Are you still stuck in the days of prescribed drugs? Those medicines that came in silver strips and promised you a good night’s sleep? If you can still relate to those medicines, then it’s time to look around and explore some better possibilities available for you. This time, the focus will be on herbal sleeping tablets and their numerous benefits over prescribed drugs.

What are herbal sleeping tablets?

Herbal or natural sleep aids are those products that provide you with a sound overnight sleep. This refreshes and rejuvenates you in the morning. Experts say, humans should sleep uninterrupted for 6-8 hours a day. Natural otc sleep aids provide you with the same. It is void of any harmful chemicals that prescribed drugs use. Therefore it prevents your body from the side effects of medication.

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What do they comprise of?

Valerian roots form the main constituent of natural sleeping pills. It combines both Melatonin and Chamomile. Roots of Valeria can treat insomnia. Combine them with the right amounts of sedating herbs such as hops and lemon balm. You will need much lesser time to fall asleep.

Melatonin, on the other hand, is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland of the human body. Its sole function is to maintain the sleep-wake cycle. As the sun sets, our body starts to secrete Melatonin. This is why you tend to feel sleepier as the night progresses. The effect of Melatonin stays for approximately 12 hours. Daytime percentages are rare. Herbal sleeping tablets use this melatonin sleep aid in their pills which reimburse any lost hormone and cures insomnia.

Do they work?

Nothing is a full proof without statistics. Recent studies say that use of Valerian roots resulted in 44 % of the test population to receive perfect sleep. While the other 56 percent reported a noticeable improvement in their sleep patterns.

Valerian roots from these herbal sleeping tablets are useful in treating anxiety and keep your blood pressure in check. Melatonin provides relief from muscular spasms and cramps and limits the growth of cancer cells.

What are their benefits of herbal sleeping tablets?

Have you felt dizzy on a certain morning although having slept peacefully? Well, this is the side effect of Benzodiazepine. This chemical constituent produces a dizzy and drowsy effect which lasts the whole day.

On the other hand, with herbal sleeping tablets, this is not the case. They are available over the counter similar to prescribed drugs but are independent of the adverse effects. Moreover, they are not addictive. This means they save you from any chances of rebound insomnia which is a serious medical condition.

Another noteworthy point is, these otc sleeping pills prevent the introduction of any foreign substance in your system. This prevents the body from building up that unwanted resistance which often leads to overuse of prescribed drugs.

Therefore, to conclude

Both the chemical and herbal sleeping aids are available over the counter. But medically prescribed sleeping pills have a horde of adverse effects on the human body. Insomnia is a chronic problem with over 40% of the population nowadays. Medical experts recommend using herbal sleeping tablets from the house of Dr Backhaus. They are reliable, completely natural and keep your system from the adverse effects of chemical drugs. Take the plunge and buy sleeping pills from Dr Backhaus today.

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