Herbal Sleep Remedies – Repair Your Sleep Cycle With Dr Backhaus

Its early morning and you experience a severe headache with drowsiness. Pretty strange for you since the previous night you had consumed your prescribed drugs and slept for a considerable time period. Moreover, this headache and drowsiness do not leave you the whole day. If similar scenarios haunt you every morning, then my friend you are a victim of chemical sleeping drugs. But not panic just yet. Remedies are also there in the form of herbal sleep remedies and this can recover your senses from the toxins of chemical drugs.

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However, if you are still unaware of the numerous benefits of herbal tablets, then take a look at the following section.

Herbal sleep remedies – a comprehensive review:-

Imagine a sleeping pill without any a headache or drowsy effect. One that gives you 6-8 hours of deep slumber and also helps in keeping your BP levels in check. Too good to be true? Well with herbal sleeping tablets, this is now a reality. The constituents of these pills include herbs and plant extracts. Some of them are –

  • Valerian roots
  • Lemon balm
  • Hops
  • Melatonin
  • Passion Flower
  1. The logic of melatonin:

The natural source of melatonin is fruits and vegetables such as banana, tomatoes, pineapples and oranges.   Melatonin is the natural sleep-inducing agent of a human body. Once the sun sets, the brain sends signals to the pineal gland to start secreting this magic hormone. Therefore, as night progresses, one tends to fall sleepier.

Natural tablets work on this principle. It uses melatonin from natural sources and makes up for any deficit in your system. As a result, your sleep cycles return giving you herbal sleep remedies.

  1. Extracts of lemon balm and hops:

While lemon balm is a leaf, hops is a plant. The dry flowering part of hops when mixed with lemon balm extracts helps to create a sedating effect that induces sleep. Moreover, using a lemon balm with Valerian roots helps in treating anxiety and calms down nerves.

The American National Institute of Medical Sciences conducted a study on herbal sleep remedies. This revealed that over 80% of participants got rapid relief from insomnia by the second week while the remaining 20% showed a gradual response.

  1. Passion Flower and Chamomile:-

Since ages Passiflora incarnata is used for treating anxiety, stress, mild insomnia and agitation. When blended with certain quantities of chamomile extracts provides herbal sleep remedies by reducing the time to fall asleep.

Things to avoid:-

Insomnia is a side effect of your living habits. Therefore, you can avoid it as well by modifying and changing a few habits here and there.

  • Avoid going to bed late. This hampers your natural sleep cycles. Experts recommend switching of room lights by 10 pm.
  • Restrain from high consumption of cocaine. It interrupts sleep.
  • Strictly avoid using blue light emitters such as smartphones, television and laptop in darkness.
  • Restrain using chemical drugs and opt for herbal sleep remedies.

Drawing a conclusion:-

A good night’s sleep is necessary for one and all. It rejuvenated te body and mind and made you feel refreshed in the mornings. Moreover, a deep slumber is also important for better work performance. It also has a healthier impact on family relationships. So, do not delay. Go for herbal sleep remedies from Dr Backhaus.

They are the best in the business and will help you get back your long lost slumber. Head On; get your herbal sleep remedies today.

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