Where to Buy Melatonin in Europe – UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark

  Can a person become dependent on melatonin? The good news, he says, is you won't become physically addicted to melatonin supplements—at least not in the way you can get addicted to prescription sleeping pills, for example. ... The pineal gland, in turn, begins to secrete melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle. [...]

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Heal your slumber with the benefits of Dr Backhaus OTC sleeping pills!

Recently, the UK survey found some surprising results. 5 out of every 20 women and 3 out of every 20 men are addicted to sleeping pills. It is because; the majority of the population is suffering from insomnia. This is when doctors started guiding people to switch from prescribed drugs to OTC sleeping pills. Dr [...]

Benefits of Dr Backhaus Natural Sleep Aids for Sleep Deprivation

Presently, 82% of the people between the age 22- 60 are suffering from insomnia. This disorder is growing at a hefty rate that can cause some severe harm to people and make them fall really ill. There are some major reasons why people are suffering from this problem. But now, you can very well deal [...]

Dr Backhaus OTC Sleep Aids Vs. Prescribed Drugs – Which is the Best?

If you are reading this, it is for sure that you are suffering from some severe sleep deprivation and looking for effective remedies. In that case, you have landed on the absolute correct page. Here, you will get to know which one is better for you – Dr Backhaus OTC sleep aids or prescribed drugs. Dr [...]

Dr Backhaus Herbal Sleeping Pills – The Unanswered Questions

Knowing about a new product usually creates an air of questions in mind. These questions are more like unclear doubts for which people often tend to avoid what is best for them. Presently, the same is going on with Dr Backhaus herbal sleeping pills. After the medicine industry, researchers and doctors have quite clearly [...]

Dr Backhaus Natural Sleep Supplements – Fight the 10 Signs of Sleep Deprivation!

Dr Backhaus Natural Sleep Supplements Insomnia is common nowadays. But do you know how common it is? Almost 62% of the population, aged between 18 – 65 years, suffers from sleep deprivation. To aid this problem, there are some amazing natural sleep supplements that will help to get over this issue - these are Dr [...]

Insomnia Remedies – Take the natural route for a good nights’ sleep

Insomnia Remedies for a Good Nights’ Sleep There’s nothing worse than insomnia – to not be able to sleep day in day out. If you have insomnia, you need to get a nice long sleep at one time or another. Gulping down a few hard-hitting high-dosage allopathic pills will not help in the longer [...]

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Sleep Aid Medication from Dr Backhaus – Available Over the Counter

Most of the time, potential sleep aid medication users are unsure whether or not to opt for otc sleeping pills to get a peaceful sleep. Some are of the opinion that it is impossible to sleep without taking any sleep aid medication while others try their best to sleep normally but to no avail. The [...]

Good Sleeping Pills: A Beautiful Sleep Without Nightmares – Dr Backhaus

On an average, humans spend at least 1/3rd or 33% of their life sleeping. Whatever’s left your life depends hugely on how this part goes. If you can’t get a good sleep, you won’t have a peaceful fun-filled life – it’s that simple. So, what you need is good sleeping pills. Now, sleeping is [...]

Sleeping Pills Without a Prescription. Are They Safe? Dr Backhaus

When talking about sleeping pills without a prescription, there are two type of pills that comes into consideration – Herbal sleeping pills Chemical sleeping pills Now, chemical sleeping pills are not sold without a prescription as it contains sedatives that can be really harmful to the body. But, you must have heard that people, [...]

Natural Sleep Supplements – Relieving Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety

What utmost insomnia or lack of sleep can do to you? Stress, anxiety, deteriorated lifestyle? No, this is not it. If you don’t realize, it is also harming your communication and relationships in every field. It is harsh but true. This is when you call for a simple solution like natural sleep supplements. It [...]

Herbal Sleep Remedies – Repair Your Sleep Cycle With Dr Backhaus

Its early morning and you experience a severe headache with drowsiness. Pretty strange for you since the previous night you had consumed your prescribed drugs and slept for a considerable time period. Moreover, this headache and drowsiness do not leave you the whole day. If similar scenarios haunt you every morning, then my friend [...]

Remedies for Insomnia – 3 Steps to Fight it with Dr Backhaus!

What do you need the most when you suffer from sleeplessness? It calls for nothing but effective remedies for insomnia. Yes, insomnia is presently one of the most common and harmful conditions for everyone. If you don’t sleep properly, it is a major reason why most of the health issues start. Here are few [...]

The Sleeping Pill – FAQ’ s of Insomnia Patients – Dr Backhaus

Have you ever heard of a sleeping pill made of natural ingredients like Valeria roots and Passion Flower extracts? Extensive research on sleeping pills shows that it is better to rely on these natural constituents rather than depending on chemical pills. It is because chemical pills make you weak and deprive you of hunger. [...]

Herbs for Sleep that Aid in a Deep Peaceful Sleep – Dr Backhaus Explains

Imagine what our ancestors did when they felt the need for sleep medications. As is obvious there were lesser or no chemical based medicines. Hence it was necessary to depend on naturally occurring herbs and shrubs. With the advancement and technology and more research, multinational medicine MNCs have devised new and improved medicines, but that [...]