Best OTC Sleep Aid for Insomnia – Is it Dr Backhaus Sleeping Tablets?

A poor night’s sleep is something that has made every individual suffer one way or the other. In fact, a survey conducted by the National Centre on Sleep Disorder Research revealed that more than 40% individuals suffered from chronic insomnia at any given point of time. While insomnia may not be life threatening to you, yet it can cause a horde of other side effects that may cause irreversible harm to your physical well-being. Therefore, to prevent any such mishap from occurring, one can use natural sleep aids which serve as the best otc sleep aid.

However, if you are still not in terms with the adverse effects of insomnia, then it is time for you to have a look at this upcoming section.

The side effects of insomnia

  • A recent scientific study reveals that mortality rate seems to spike up in more than 87% of humans suffering from lack of sleep. Causes include heart attack, paralysis and even coma.
  • Insomnia causes micro-sleep – a condition where your system shuts down for a couple of seconds. America lists micro-sleep as one of the major reasons of road accidents.
  • Lack of deep slumber decreases the metabolism of your body. As a result, you will burn fewer calories leading to obesity.
  • It hampers the functioning of your prefrontal cortex and interrupts with the working mechanism of the body.

The above points are reasons enough to justify the adverse effects of insomnia. Therefore, as a sufferer, you should take a look at the best otc sleep aid that comes in the form of otc sleeping pills.

Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills

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The miracle of herbs

Roots of Valeria are a medication herb used since the ancient times as a sleep-inducing agent. “Gurus” proficient with this knowledge combined extracts of hops and lemon balm with Valerian roots to produce a sedating effect.

The pineal gland of humans secretes a hormone known as melatonin. It is known as a “night detector” and regulates the sleep-wake cycle of the body. Deficiency of this hormone disrupts the sleeping habits and causes insomnia.

These two primary elements combined with a few others comprise the ingredients of herbal sleeping pills. What makes it the best otc sleep aid is the natural valerian roots and fruits that serve as the source Melatonin in these natural sleep remedies. These pills provide you with a deep slumber of 6-8 hours that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

What makes them the best otc sleep aid?

To put it simply, it is the multiple benefits of consuming these pills that make them safe sleep aids. The following section will provide a greater insight.

  • Natural sleeping pills do not cause any hangover, unlike chemical drugs. As a result, you will not have any a headache or drowsy effect on waking up in the morning.
  • They are non-addictive. Often people say that they are not able to sleep without consuming their chemical pills daily. The best sleeping pills do not cause any such addiction and are therefore known as the best otc sleep aid.

Some parting words

Insomnia not only harms your daily lives but also affects their relationship with their close ones. Therefore, if you are suffering from similar problems, get hold of the best natural sleep aid from Dr Backhaus. They are completely natural, provide you with 6-8 hours of deep slumber and is devoid of any side effects.

Use this best otc sleep aid and get back your sleep cycles today.

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