Add a review for a Dr Backhaus product

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A step by step guide on adding a review at Dr Backhaus

Login into your account (you must have an account to leave a review) via the top menu.log into your account

Once you are logged in you will see on the left navigation “Reviews & Comments” click this.

You will then see “You have not added any contributions yet. Add one now“.

Reviews and comments


On the next page you will see 4 x products – click on the product quantity you wish to review.


Choose a product for review


So now you have chosen a product and the next page has opened.

You need to partially scroll down the page to see the reviews and click on that review link.


Scroll down the page


You are now at the reviews section. Here you can give your:

Product rating: – From 1-5 stars.



Share your thoughts


Once you have given your 1-5 star rating – The rest of the box will open.

You are now at the full reviews section. Here you can give your:

Review title: – Write something to catch other readers attention.

Your comments: – Try to give as much detail as possible. This helps potential customers make an informed decision before they purchase.


Title, comments and review


Once you have saved your review, you can edit it at a later date.

You will also see other reviews for this Dr Backhaus product. If you see anything not right or you think is Spam or inappropiate you can report it.

We have also built into this review feature 3 other sections where you can upload a video, photo or leave a comment.