Valerian roots? What are they? Why add in natural sleeping pills?

Do you spend sleepless nights staring at the ceiling? Have you become dependent on prescribed sleeping pills? Then you have come to the right page, my friend. It is introducing to you natural sleep aids known as herbal sleep remedies. They combine roots of valerian with melatonin that induces sleep naturally. But before you grab one of [...]

Melatonin – The magic sleeping aid for you!

“Sleep Well” – This is the core phrase of melatonin sleep aid! Yes, if you have heard about it then you must know that this is the natural hormone that is very much responsible for you to sleep. But what happens when the pineal gland reduces the production of this hormone? The result is sleeplessness! [...]

Best sleep aid – natural sleeping pills or prescribed drugs

It’s three a clock in the morning and you are staring at your ceiling thinking about your work and family. Sleep just won’t come. Suddenly you remember a couple of early morning meetings that you need to attend. Therefore, in desperation to sleep you pop in one of those otc sleep aids. To speak the [...]

Cure for insomnia – get the best results with Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills

Melatonin secreted by the pineal gland of the brain helps in secreting hormone that helps people to sleep. But what if the level of melatonin is reduced due to this raging and blazing stress and strain of life? The result will certainly worry you – Insomnia. Yes, this is one of the major reasons for [...]

5-HTP – when added in a sleeping pill – can help cure sleep deprivation

Have you been taking prescription sleeping pills continuously? Are you unable to sleep well at night? Or is it hard for you to fall asleep? You will feel severely deprived of sleep, irrespective of the reason. Sleep deprivation is common among most adults. While synthetic sleeping pills are the most trusted friend of people suffering from [...]

Herbal sleeping tablets – all you need to know

Are you still stuck in the days of prescribed drugs? Those medicines that came in silver strips and promised you a good night’s sleep? If you can still relate to those medicines, then it’s time to look around and explore some better possibilities available for you. This time, the focus will be on herbal sleeping [...]

Chamomile – a herb that can help you sleep some extra hours

Are you sleep deprived and cannot sleep even when you are immensely tired? Your body muscles enter into a state of paranoia, but you feel the absence of a sweet slumber. There are many causes as to why you cannot sleep, and there are methods to bring your sleep back. There are many naturally occurring [...]

L-Theanine – a sleep inducer – one compound, 10 benefits

L-Theanine – This non-dietary amino acid found in Camellia sinensis is a blessing for those who cannot sleep. It is certainly true. As a sleep inducer, this best natural sleep aid will aid you with so many health concerns that it is almost hard to believe. One compound, 10 benefits: L-Theanine Know about the 10 amazing benefits [...]

Best sleeping pills – why sound sleep is an absolute necessity

Take a moment to think about all those hours you spend at work and crave for a good night’s sleep but aren’t getting one. Doctors ponder on the importance of a good night’s sleep no matter how tired you are. It is one of those natural processes that allow the body muscles to relax after [...]

Natural remedies for sleep – Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills

By now, many of us know that otc sleep aids are better than synthetically produced drugs. They have proved to be one of the best natural remedies for sleep. As a result, they are slowly increasing in popularity and demand. Therefore, you as a chronic insomniac must be deciding to opt for these sleeping pills. However, do [...]