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Dr Backhaus – Buy Natural Melatonin Sleep Aids and Sleeping Pills

Strong natural sleep aids – Melatonin 8mg per serving

Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills

Gone are the days of insomnia and perpetual drowsiness. With natural sleep aids drop off into a deep slumber and wake up hours later feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

By taking Dr Backhaus sleep medications, having a deep relaxing and healthier sleep is finally here!

Creating a precise amalgamation of naturally vital ingredients, we strive to revitalize your body’s depleting melatonin levels, thereby restoring your natural sleep-wake cycle.

So, get ready to befriend your long lost sleep with completely natural & herbal sleeping pills.

Dr Backhaus
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Dr Backhaus Natural Sleeping Pills

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Alarming stats to consider!

While chemical sleeping drugs have become the part and parcel of most individuals worldwide, their harmful effects do not remain hidden for long. Take a look at these alarming statistics which have surfaced over the years.

  • Over 85% of synthetic sleeping pill users claim to have grown an unfathomable dependency on those.
  • 56% of pill consumers complain of these drugs being ineffective over usage.
  • Every insomniac suffers from early morning headache and daytime sleepiness.
  • Side effects such as heart burn and kidney ailments are common occurrences in most chemical pill consumers.

The data is indeed alarming!

To eradicate such effects and other major side effects, we have manufactured these 100% herbal sleeping aids. Trust us; we do care for you!

Dr Backhaus sleep aids

Here at Dr Backhaus we offer an effortless way to buy natural sleep aids –  from the comfort of your own computer.

Dr Backhaus set out to create a completely natural and non-habit forming best over the counter sleep aid that works.

These sleep aids do not produce any side effects, are totally non habit forming and have some ingredients which help you to wake up feeling rejuvenated.

By embracing the virtues of the natural sleeping pills from Dr Backhaus, you will also get:

  • 5 – 8 hours of long sound sleep.
  • Independency from hangovers or morning drowsiness.
  • Natural restoration of your sleep-wake cycle.
  • A balanced BP rate.
  • Improved quality of sleep.

Dr Backhaus sleep aid: Insomnia countering qualities

Because 35% of the adult population suffers from insomnia those sufferers are constantly looking for insomnia cures. Several factors play a handful role in the process which includes:

  • Work Life imbalance
  • Unprecedented mental stress
  • Extended hours of screen on time
  • Medicinal overdose
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

To counter this, there are many over the counter sleeping pills for these insomniacs to choose from. Some being prescription sleeping pills but by far, the 3 most popular being natural sleep aids, herbal sleep aids or natural sleep remedies.

By the same token, the market is saturated with sleep aids or natural remedies for insomnia and trying to find the best sleep aid can be challenging.

Most natural sleep remedies contain melatonin and valerian. Add to these ingredients chamomile, lemon balm, GABA, L-theanine, passion flower, hops and 5-HTP, then you have the best sleeping pills available.

How does our product help?

Our product suffices to those people in need as well as to every individual who desires to experience a sound sleep. By consuming Dr Backhaus’s over the counter sleeping aids, one will wake up completely rested and re-energized every morning.

Note: In addition to restoring sleeping irregularities, our products also provide a number of additional benefits to every individual in lieu of any side effects.

The working mechanism!

Our natural sleeping pills work by stabilizing the sleep-wake cycle of a human body. With sunset, our system starts to release melatonin (sleep-promoting hormone) into the blood. Melatonin activities stay live from around 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. Lack of this melatonin, therefore, causes insomnia.

At Dr Backhaus, we strive to fulfill this deficiency of melatonin with our herbal sleeping pills and re-instill your long lost sleep-wake cycle. In addition to this, we include…

  • GABA
  • Hops
  • Lemon Balm
  • L-Theanine
  • Passion Flower

…which comprehend your body’s deficiencies and aid in overall physical and mental well-being.

Dr Backhaus: #1

Dr Backhaus natural sleeping pills are an over the counter sleep aid which is widely regarded as the #1 best natural sleep aid on the market. By taking this best over the counter sleep aid you will get a relaxing sleep and feel refreshed the following morning.

As an insomnia sufferer, you may have tried many sleep medications or otc sleep aids.

Many of which would have been natural remedies for sleep, so now might be the time to try the best – Dr Backhaus herbal sleeping tablets.

What makes Dr Backhaus #1?

Here are few of the many reasons why our herbal pills are #1 in the market.

  1. Dr Backhaus medicines contain the most effective natural ingredients found, to induce sleep.
  2. The biggest perk of consuming Dr Backhaus sleeping pills is that these are non-addictive in nature. In other words, you can rest assured of not developing a dependency on these OTC sleep aids even after consuming them for multiple days consecutively.
  3. With these, there is no morning hangover or drowsiness. This quality makes us the preferred choice for working professionals and others alike.
  4. The pills have been formulated after an extensive process of research and testing.
  5. Our client’s acceptance stands a testimony to the pills’ effectiveness.
  6. All the medications come with the cheapest price tag which makes those all the more affordable for every patient.

Intricacies of ordering the best sleep aid

Lastly ordering Dr Backhaus sleep aid pills could not be easier. Prior to the internet you would have bought sleeping pills over the counter from a health store or pharmacy. But with the advent of the internet, this melatonin sleep aid is available from the Dr Backhaus website.

Are you now ready to try the best otc sleep aid? Then you can buy otc sleeping pills via our secure checkout and pay via Visa, MasterCard or Amex credit cards. Our secure payment gateway uses the best in the industry – PayPal. It is important to read our terms & conditions along with our privacy policy and faq’s so you understand the buying process completely. Now once you have ordered you can check the process of your order via your my account login. Here you can track new orders, previous orders, any points and rewards or refer a friend extra money you have gained or track any returns you have sent back. Buy sleeping pills from Dr Backhaus the #1 product for getting a cure for insomnia.

Process of placing the order

The process of placing your natural sleep supplements order is pretty simple – do it from the comfort of your home!

Step 1: Visit our online shop here.

Step 2: Choose the product you require. Next, add that to the cart.

Step 3: Visit the cart, do the payment and checkout. Your order will deliver at your doorstep.

Note: Here, you can make the payment via Visa, MasterCard or Amex credit cards. Also, we use the best payment gateway in the industry – PayPal.

So, what’s the wait for? Time to have a good night’s sleep! Go ahead and make your purchase today. For any query or suggestion, feel free to contact our team, anytime.

In a nutshell

Taking Dr Backhaus natural sleep medications will help you get to sleep quickly, keep you asleep and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

Are you ready to enjoy a deep relaxing sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated?

Dr Backhaus sleep supplements – the natural sleep aids.